Dr Philip J Carter

University of Bristol


Students working with me:

Jingyao Dou

CSC PhD student, University of Bristol
Jingyao is working on the consequences of giant impacts for planetary composition.
Dou et al. (2024); Naponiello et al. (2023); Damasso et al. (2023).

Harrison Davies

MSci student, University of Bristol (2024)
Harrison is working on giant impacts and the origin of our Moon.

Students who have worked with me in the past:

Dr Lewis Watt

STFC PhD student, University of Bristol (2023)
Lewis studied the properties of extreme debris disks formed from giant impact ejecta.
Watt et al. (2024).

Dr Thomas Denman

STFC PhD student, University of Bristol (2022)
Thomas studied erosion of super Earth atmospheres by giant impacts.
Denman et al. (2022); Denman et al. (2020).

Dr Erik Davies

PhD student, University of California, Davis (2020)
Erik used shock experiments to study the thermodynamics of planet-forming impacts.
Davies et al. (2020).

Dr Stefan Lines

PhD student, University of Bristol (2016)
Stefan studied the formation of circumbinary planets.
Lines et al. (2016); Lines et al. (2015).

Dr Jack Dobinson

PhD student, University of Bristol (2015)
Jack studied the observational signatures of exoplanet formation.
Dobinson et al. (2016).

Gregor Hartl Watters

BSc student, University of Bristol (2023)
Gregor wrote an N-body code to study tidal disruption of comets for his research project.

Josefine Jensen

BSc student, University of Aberdeen (2018)
Josefine studied the dynamics of planetesimals influenced by gas giants during a summer internship at Bristol.

Our Moon